Setting Up Your Unix Environment

Before you can start Cadence, you need to include some information to locate the cadence libraries and setup files. This will be done by including a statement in your ..cshrc as mentioned in step 1 below.

You also need the files related to the X-windows graphical interface since Cadence runs in the X-window environment.

1.  At the end of your .cshrc file, you need to add the following lines

source /import/cad1/scripts/magic.cshrc

source /import/cad1/scripts/cadence.ic.cshrc

Now if you desire to invoke cadence, you will need to make sure that the above change in your .cshrc filetakes effect. This is automatically done, everytime you logon to ece account. Please note, that all of the source files above probably can not exist together due to a physical limitation on the environmental space. Therefore, I suggest you use them as you need them. In other words, only invoke Cadence Design Tools if you are USING Cadence Design Tools.

Next you will need to setup a directory for cadence to work and directory for its logfiles.

2.  At the console type the following

mkdir cadence

cd cadence

mkdir logs

You will now need to create the cds lib file, this is done by the following.

3.  At the console type the following

touch cds.lib

Now you must add the proper information to the cds lib file

4.  In cds.lib add the following

INCLUDE /import/app2/cadence/local/cdssetup/ncsu.lib