Information regarding this Tutorial

The following tutorial is to help researchers at Oklahoma State University with the Cadence Design System environment. The tutorial was based preliminarily on the work done at the University of Pennsylvania at the following URL. Many of the tutorial were modified and its format was used as a template based on the web page on link above, therefore, please be aware of the efforts of those who contributed previously. Certain copyrights should be respected. Some web pages are completely different than the previous URL and are being updated every day.

The Cadence Design System is set up to be utilized with the NCSU Design Kit which is available here, although many of use use our own technology files. An overview of the kit is given here. This technology kit was developed to be used with the NSF sponsored MOSIS project.

This tutorial is not supposed to be followed verbatim and is only meant to be an introduction. The Illinois Institute of Technology and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department in no way accepts responsiblity for the actions followed on these web pages. Users are expected to use their own judgement and information regarding any work with the Cadence Design System. Users assume all liability for any resulting errors and problems that may be incurred from your own actions.

Comments, suggestions, or contributions to this web page are encouraged. Please email James Stine to correspond with the VLSI Computer Architecture Research Group.